Weekly Update 10/20/2020 – Fr. Cyril Gorgy








Beloved Holy Resurrection Church family, I am praying that you are well and safe. 

REGISTRATION to attend SUNDAY Divine Liturgy is required.  Please submit a request using this link.  You will receive an email confirmation with the time and date.

No registration will be required for the 7-9am Wednesday’s Divine Liturgy.  All participants are expected to read and STRICTLY follow the General Guidelines.

HRC Fellowship Meeting will be held virtually on November 5th from 7-7:45pm.  Fr. Mina Ghebrial will be speaking to us about “A Life of Virtues”.

We’ve been praying and searching for a permanent home for HRC for many years.  In preparation to purchase a property, we would like to identify contributors that are prepared to offer a lump sum donation to be applied for the down payment.  We are also searching for anyone that is willing to provide a loan to assist in the purchase.  Please contact the church’s treasurer at (310) 502-2957 if you or anyone you know are planning to partake of that blessing. 

In the meantime offerings to the “building fund” can be mailed to Holy Resurrection Church, P.O. Box 91701 Los Angeles CA 90009.  Also direct deposits can be sent to the church’s bank account.  Account details may be provided upon request. 

Last Sunday we contemplated on wisdom (Sophia in Greek).  From James 3:13-18, we learned that there are two sources for wisdom.  There is wisdom from above and there is wisdom from the world. The wisdom from the world is demonstrated in one’s life by being bitter, envious and self-seeking. This wisdom is earthly, sensual, demonic, which ultimately leads to confusion and every evil thing. The wisdom from above, on the other hand, is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. This wisdom from above ultimately leads to righteousness.  May the Lord help us all to demonstrate by our lives the wisdom that is from above. 

We are finalizing our move to a new database system called “Church Community Builder”.  If you don’t receive the HRC weekly announcements next week, please use this link to re-register. 

May our Risen Lord support and protect you, and your family by the power of His Holy Resurrection.

For His Glory,

Fr. Cyril



General Guidelines


Please review and abide by the following guidelines prior to attending church: 

  • Please STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK, or if you have a history or are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, including FEVER or COUGH.  
  • If you have traveled in that last TWO WEEKS, please do not sign up to attend a Divine Liturgy until, TWO WEEKS have passed since you returned and you do not have any COVID19 symptoms, or you have been tested negative twice.
  • If you were in direct contact with anyone that tested positive for COVID-19, please do not sign up or come to the church services, whether with symptoms or not, until you are tested negative.
  • If you test positive please do not sign up or come to the church services until you are tested negative, for two consecutive tests, regardless of the time it takes to be tested negative twice.
  • You should attend the Divine Liturgy at the church you regularly attend.
  • Every church will take all the precautions necessary to ensure your safety, but your attendance is entirely your choice, and the church does not accept any liability. 


When you come to church:

  • Arrive on time. The church gate will ONLY be open at the beginning of the service and will remain closed for the duration. No one will be permitted to open the church door other than the church servant assigned by the clergy.
  • Your body temperature may be taken prior to entering the church.
  • You should wear a mask and gloves at all times during the service.
  • You should sanitize your hands when entering the church.


Inside the Church:

  • You must keep a minimum distance of 6 feet at all times between you and others that are not in your household.
  • Each family (same household) should seated together.
  • Children will stand with their parents even if they are deacons.
  • Please do not touch anything or anyone inside the church including icons, relics, clergy, and deacons, etc.
  • For Ologea (Al Barka), the priest will wash his hands, cut it and distribute it. You will take it with your hand without touching the priest.
  • After Liturgy, we need to stagger exiting from the church as individuals or families to ensure we maintain social distancing guidelines.


Partaking of the Eucharist:

  • Please bring your own head covering, corporeal (for communion) and water to use for partaking of the Eucharist.
  • Each family should come forward together to receive the Eucharist. As every family is approaching please maintain 6’ away from other families.
  • During communion, you will remove your mask, open your mouth wide and have your tongue lay flat so the priest can place the Holy Body on your tongue.
  • When taking the Holy Blood, open your mouth wide and the priest will pour the Blood from the spoon into your mouth.