Beloved Holy Resurrection Church family, I miss you and am praying that you are all well and healthy. Due to the extended quarantine requirements, caused by COVID-19, the ‘2020 Pascha Week’ will be prayed at your home.  I believe that 2020 Pascha Week will be a blessing to many of us.  Just as there will be many new norms post COVID-19, I pray that there will be many new norms in our spiritual lives. 

Three Sundays ago we talked about 1 Chronicles 21:18 Therefore, the angel of the Lord commanded …. go and erect an altar to the Lord.  And many of the families set up altar/prayer-corners at their homes and sent me inspiring photos.  If you haven’t set aside a prayer corner yet, please set aside a space to pray in preparation of 2020 Pascha Week.  It should recreate a church atmosphere, with an icon of Christ or a Cross as the main focus.  See attached photos that you can print and frame to use if you don’t have one.  Also prepare 2 candles and place one at each side of the icon.  

You and your family have several options to choose from, when praying 2020 Pascha Week:

  1. Follow the services of the Pascha Week and the Holy Resurrection Feast, by watching Logos TV or through for live streaming.
  2. Follow HRC 2019 Pascha services from the HRC Website’s Media Page.  The link will be updated to the corresponding service of the day.
  3. Using Coptic Reader, the family can gather at the prayer corner, and pray together the Pascha hours at home.  Family members can take turns for the readings and then praying the 12 ‘Thine is the Power’ in chorus, followed by the Psalm and Gospel. 

All of the Pascha prayers are accessible free of charge from the ‘Coptic Reader’ App.  From the home page of Coptic Reader, go to ‘Special’, then ‘Pascha’, then select the Day of the week and then select whether it’s day or night (Eve).  There are 5 Pascha hours in the day and 5 hours at night.  The structure of each Pascha hour includes:

  1. Prophecies
  2. Doxologies (12 Thine is the Power)
  3. Psalm & Gospel
  4. Exposition (Explains the events of the hour)
  5. Conclusion

Also this year, a new free App (Only for iOS currently) is provided by our Diocese.  This App references the Church Father’s writing, on each of the Pascha Hours. This is a great source of meditation while the psalm is prayed in the long tunes.

Whether we’re at church or at home, may we always celebrate and rejoice in the life-giving mystery of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.  Missing you very much. 

God bless you and protect you,

Fr. Cyril