COVID-19 Update 8 – Fr. Cyril Gorgy


Beloved Holy Resurrection Church family, Christ is risen!


I miss you and am praying that you are all well and healthy. Wishing you a blessed Thomas Sunday. God willing the churches will soon be open.  In the meantime, the upcoming church services will continue virtually.


I encourage you to continue gathering at your family prayer corner at your home, daily at 8pm and pray together.  If you don’t have a prayer corner I encourage you and your family to identify a space for it.  Choose an icon of Christ or a cross in the center as the main focus.


Below you will find a list of the HRC services.


HRC services:

  • Sunday Sermon will be available this Sunday morning – LA HRC YouTube channel
  • For the 2019 Thomas Sunday service, visit HRC Website’s Media Page.
  • Confession, visitation or Unction of sick, please contact Fr Cyril at (310) 487-6151
  • Daily communal prayers at 8pm (at your home)



  • Elementary – Lesson electronically sent to parents
  • Middle School – Sunday 1pm (meeting invitation sent to student)
  • High School – Sunday 11am (meeting invitation sent to student)
  • Baby and me – LA HRC YouTube channel


*If you haven’t already filled out the U.S. Census form, please do so. For race we recommend checking “some other race” (at the bottom of the race question) and writing “Coptic”.


*Also if you are an elder and need assistance picking up groceries, medication, supplies or helping to set up live-stream of Services, please either email:, or call (310) 882-1733.


Whether we’re at church or at home, may we always celebrate and rejoice in the life-giving mystery of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.  Missing you very much.


God bless you and protect you,

Fr. Cyril

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COVID-19 Collective Useful Information

In regards of the current situation, the Department of Diakonia and Development has put together some useful information/links to help our congregation in this tough time.PDF file can be downloaded HERE

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